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Corporate Yoga: Boost your productivity with Yoga

Corporate Yoga:  Boost your productivity with Yoga   By: Dr.Sonia Goel Today a wellness program at the workplace has become necessary to bring out happiness in the team. Companies are now driven by the necessity to offer interesting and effective wellness programs with the intention to bring about a genuine change in team health, enthusiasm and commitment. A report on Yoga (olden healing science) has found fondness in the corporate sectors as an approach to bring good health at the workplace.  Increasing digits of industries are discovering that offering Yoga facility to their employees is an economical, protective and holistic path to decrease pressure and worry. It is the only practice of mind state recognized to raise flexibility, strong point, focus, and stability. WHY CORPORATE YOGA? Yoga is not like trying to go close to your toes or involving into difficult postures, breathing-in and breathing-out. It is a holistic path to get better heal

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